Terms and Conditions

Rental Terms, Conditions & Indemnity

The hirer must be in possession of a valid motorcycle license, acceptable by South African authorities, for the duration of the rental period. Please carry your license at all times.

The hirer is covered by CTVR’s Public Indemnity Insurance for any harm you should cause, accrue, or be caused to a third party. The hirer is NOT covered by CTVR’s insurance for any personal injury, theft, or damage to our Vespas unless comprehensive insurance is taken.
 CTVR does not accept responsibility for any damages you may cause to yourself or other vehicles.

The rental of each scooter is subject to an R8000.00 deposit, either by credit card or cash, which is fully refundable on the return of the Vespa and helmet(s) in the same condition as received by the hirer.
 We will require a copy of a valid credit card in addition.

Loss or Damage

The hirer shall be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to the Vespa, whether by accident or theft. This assessed loss shall be offset by any deposit held by CTVR, under this agreement, and the balance shall be payable to the hirer on the return of the Vespa. Should the hirer select CTVR’s Fully Comprehensive Insurance (R75 p/day), he/she will only be responsible for R4500.00 as the first amount payable (excess) should any damage to the Vespa be incurred and R8000 as the first amount payable (excess) in the case of theft.

The Vespa must be parked off-street overnight for theft under CTVR’s Fully Comprehensive Insurance Coverage. Furthermore, a police case number is required should the hirer require CTVR to claim from insurance. The hirer will be liable for the complete loss should a police case number not be reported correctly, nor the case number supplied.

Daily rental charges and surcharges

All daily rental charges exclude petrol. Vespas are delivered full and the hirer shall return the Vespa full. If the Vespa is not filled on return, the hirer shall be charged R300.

Late Returns

The period of rental of this scooter shall be agreed upon on signature of this agreement and any late delivery will result in a charge of R150 per hour. There will be a lost key charge of R1200 and a lost helmet charge of R1000.

Traffic Fines

The hirer shall be held liable for all traffic fines that result from any transgression during the entire rental period mentioned and indemnify CTVR from any liability resulting therefrom.
 CTVR retains the right to debit the hirer’s credit card for any fines for traffic offenses received on behalf of the hirer.


Each rental comes with 1 free helmet and an additional helmet is R75 p/day. Both the hirer and passenger shall at all times wear a helmet, which must be clipped on and firmly attached.

The hirer agrees to not operate the Vespa under the influence of alcohol or any illegal or intoxicating substances of any nature and to not behave in any manner that would bring the name of CTVR into disrepute.


The hirer shall use the Vespa entirely at his/her own risk and agrees that CTVR, its employees, agents, or associates shall not be responsible, liable, or accountable and shall be rendered blameless for any loss, injury, or death sustained as a result of the rental and use of the Vespa during the rental period or any extension thereof.


CTVR shall not be responsible and shall be rendered blameless for any loss or damage to goods of any nature left or transported on the Vespa. The Vespa will not be used commercially or for financial gain and shall be used purely for personal transportation.

The Vespa must at all times be used for the purpose that it was manufactured and may not be used for racing or the conveyance of goods or animals or more than 2 persons inclusive of the driver.

The Vespa shall not be used off-road and must be driven on asphalt/tar. The Vespa shall not be driven further than a 100km radius from CTVR premises, or further north than Melkbosstrand or further east than Paarl or further South of Strand.

Break down cover is provided with all rentals. If broken down contact CTVR immediately and wait for collection/swop out of your Vespa. This can take up to 1.5 hours depending where in Cape Town you are. Please do not attempt to repair any issue no matter of your mechanical competency and make sure that you and your passenger are in a safe location with the Vespa locked and off street. If broken down outside of the 100kms radius of Cape Town, you will be charged R1500 for recovery.

Additional per km fees

Additional per km fees apply @ R3.50 for every extra km of more than 100km on a single day rental. R3.50 for every extra km over 75kms per day on a multiple-day rental (Does not apply to Camps Bay rentals or in peak season). All Vespas are highway approved

All vehicles are highway approved.

The renter/hirer confirms and warrants that all the information as requested by CTVR, pertaining to the renting of the scooter, is true and correct and has a thorough knowledge of the applications of the Vespa.


Bookings cancelled more than 24hrs prior to rental are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Bookings cancelled with a 24hr window of rentals are subject to 100% booking fee.

Booking date changes will be subject to availability and may incur extra charges.

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