Vespa P150X – Orange/White

From: R5,500.00

Year of manufacture: 1978 to N/A. The Vespa P-series was the last of the “classic” Vespas to come out of Piaggio’s factories. Though many of the brand new scooters reaching American shores have a “Vespa” badge, they are cut from a different cloth entirely. Though certainly not the most elegant styling exercise, the P-series Vespas are probably the sturdiest models, and certainly the most commonly encountered Vespa in the U.S. today. Though the P-series is the last of the line, they are still being manufactured new today though it is unclear for how much longer. Tightening emissions regulations, coupled with a limited market for geared scooters means that it is unlikely that Piaggio will continue to produce the P-series after the next few years. When that finally happens, for the first time in over 50 years, true classic Vespas will no longer be produced in Italy.