Vespa VBB 150 – Copper

From: R5,500.00

The Vespa VBB owes its name to the prefix of its chasssis number. The VBB VBA followed the series , which was preceded by the widebody Vespa.

The VBA/VBB scooter got a completely new frame and engine note, this was the basis for almost all subsequent large frame Vespas. The latest PX engine example still fits in the frame of the VBA / VBB Vespa. The new engine increased the reliability significantly, reduced fuel and oil consumption. The carburetor was moved from under the seat to the top of the engine and h et chassis was slightly reduced. A closed control structure replaced the open steering of the models from the 50s. The VBB replaced the VBA in 1930 and introduced a four-speed gearbox instead of three. Four gears were previously only reserved for more expensive models. Moreover, VBB decorations in the aluminum hoods and a flat section under the rear number plate to a post.